Learn the Advanced and Featured Tricks from Eagle’s Moving Softwares to Enhance Your Profits

Disappointed from regular unsuccessful business planning, join Moving Softwares’ Community today and enhance your business with its advance and fabulous business tricks. Example: If you deal any client, organization, or individual with realistic and reliable ways they will discuss it with their partners and business friends. They will come to you whenever required and concern it with some others also. It will work for your business like a supply chain. And that supply chain impacts almost every other business function.  And Many More…

But if you want to continue with supply chain then you should know first what supply chains are and supply chain management? Supply chain management isn’t just the management of products — it’s also the management of information, time and money.

What Role Logistics Plays In Supply Chain

Logistics and supply chain aren’t the same things. Logistics is the management of the movement of goods whereas supply chain management covers the many other areas we’re discussing here.

But logistics is a part of supply chain and that means whoever manages your supply chain will be responsible for managing freight forwarders, shipping companies, parcel delivery companies, customs brokers and third party logistics providers.

Logistics providers should be managed in the same way that you manage your suppliers. Costs and contracts can be negotiated. You can source freight forwarders the same way you would source suppliers of the products you need.

Shipping and warehousing costs can be one of the largest expenses in your supply chain and its critical that your logistics providers are measured and managed to control those costs.

Issuing an RFQ, choosing the lowest priced supplier and cutting a purchase order does not constitute strategic supply chain management — although it’s important for the day-to-day operations of your company.

Buyers and purchasing managers can grow into supply chain professionals, but it takes an understanding that the transactional activity of purchasing is only a small slice of what supply chain management is.

Customer Service: Customer service functions as the voice of the customer at your company. What shipping method does your customer want? What size boxes do you need to pack your product in and how many units per pack? Those answers can be driven by your customer, especially if your customer is a big box retailer.

There is not better team positioned to drive your company to deliver what your customers want, when your customers want it — than your customer service team. And since on-time delivery — both inbound and outbound — is one of the primary functions of supply chain management, customer service belongs in supply chain.

Accuracy: Accuracy is one of the most critical elements of valuing a company. Your supply chain management team should be able to reach the consignment to its destination with proper time and safety.

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Become Experts in Your Courier Business With Unique Php Moving Software

Logistics process is the part and vital role of supply chain management that plans, implements and controls the effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods & services. It is related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer’s requirements. Company has invested in the people and technology to bring new innovative ideas and lean processes & operations to help customers for their logistics business process. Moving software helps in addresses all important Logistics functions and enables the customer to integrate all operations data into a system to restructure and improve decision making with real time data to the management.

It is designed with the help of industry experts with holistic view and challenges faced by the transport and logistics companies. It has individual application which suits for the logistics industry at their level of business i.e. 3rd party logistics, Parcel Services, Couriers Services, Transport and Fleet operators, air Cargo movers and Clearing and Forwarding agents. This Parcel and Courier Services software automates the flow of data from the point of booking to the package and delivery point. The software includes functionality to track package location and status at any time.

Features of Moving Software are given below:

  • Front Website
  • Consignment Management
  • Quote Management
  • Consignment Tracking
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Security on guard
  • Custom work station
  • No programming required
  • Complete business solution
  • Custom work station
  • Web based control panel
  • Get tracking detail
  • Customers can track the consignment
  • Free Server installation

Due to busy life schedule, online business is more reliable than others. Here I am discussing about the fabulous logistic software that is moving software recently launched in the market with extra unique features. Moving Software developed in php and Mysql database under fully experienced and well qualified staff. All type of basic as well as advance features are available in moving software. It is one of the best way to state your own courier and logistic business online and it is very good opportunity for those who are really interested in courier business. If we are talking about the courier business, then we can see people are interested in buying the online products as compare to going outside.

Moving Software provides facility to place your website in various search engines, such as Google.com and Yahoo.com. Create a company Facebook page, or sign up at LinkedIn and begin making connections with the local business community. The main responsibility of courier service is delivering consignment one place to another at the fast speed as soon as possible. If user found any difficulty while installing it, then free server installation would be provided by the company free of cost.

Book the orders from anywhere like mobile apps, online stores or any web apps to the system. In Moving Software, all the manageable authorities will be in hand of admin. Accounts can be removed and added by the admin or you can say all powers will be in the hand of the admin. The most amazing feature is that, there is no need of programming knowledge. It is also mobile compatible so there is no need of Pc and laptop to access it. Watch the full detail @ http://movingsoftwares.com/index.php

Easiest Way To Make Your B2B and B2C Business Online with Alibaba Clone Script Pro

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce has become a long running business of buying and selling of product or service. This has become a demanding and an established industry more than a decade in the world of Internet. B2B e-Commerce is a business-to-business where as B2C is business-to-consumer.

B2B & B2C e-Commerce portal provides services such as an increase in revenues, reduced costs, easy and secure transactions, payment options, efficiency for online businesses and wide range of online business. It includes everything you need to set up your online store and shopping. If anyone want to start his/her own ecommerce business portal, then eagletechnosys help to create a perfect B2B & B2C e-Commerce portal for your business to establish on the website. Online shopping has changed the way people buy, and those B2C habits are finally moving into the B2B market.

At this point, you’re realizing that it’s time for your wholesale business to get on the B2B E-Commerce bandwagon, and you’re thinking about how you’re going to accomplish just that. You may already have a B2C online store where you can take direct-to-consumer orders, but how are you going to set up a store that your retailers can go to? If having programmers on staff is required to get a B2C e-Commerce platform to function like a B2B online store, it’s also critical to remember that such projects rarely ever go as planned. Alibaba clone script pro is complete readymade script for the business runners who want to establish their business online independently.

The E-commerce Portal Development is in high demand as many companies are aligning towards technology to sell products to the consumers. Company offer a wide range of customized E-Commerce solutions which are built to support and integrate applications to meet your business demands of buying and selling of product or service.

By understanding the requirements, both in B2B and B2C platform of business, eagletechnosys focus on agile structure, high level of functionalities, performance, scalability, and usability which is important for manufacturers and distributors to list their products.B2B and B2C Ecommerce Portal Development generate revenue prospects in the market, reduced costs, easy and secure transactions.

Features That Attracts the Customers:

  • It simplifies your online business by creating and developing user-friendly navigation for the users to shop for products/items which they intend to purchase.
  • Designing striking themes, enticing logo patterns, and attractive images exclusively use for e-Commerce portal.
  • Providing a customized platform which includes secure database system, secure payment option.
  • Managing categories of products, items, and manufacturers
  • Advance option for upcoming products and items
  • Admin Tool Panel
  • User Account Creation
  • Registering Users
  • Secure transactions.
  • User friendly and easy manageable script
  • Mobile Compatibility.
  • Shipping and Merchandise Integration
  • Optimizing your business with SEOtool and much more.

The immense potential of online markets are best realized through effective consumer portals which successfully combine information, community and commerce with the requisite reliability and security for successful e-business operations. It is no surprise then that businesses globally want to capitalize on the power of B2B & B2C portals for increased revenues and improved relationships with partners, vendors and customers. Watch the full detail @  http://www.alibabaclonescriptpro.com/

Most Incredible Moving Software For Online Successful Courier Business 2017

Moving software is the simplest solution for Courier & Cargo Tracking Business. If you need to enable Tracking Option in your existing or new website, this is quickest Software Solution. You can get install it yourselves or company do the installation and brand it in your name on your hosting. The Courier Software is Very easy to setup and manage powerful administration. Provide online tracking system of consignment and shipping detail for International or domestic shipping.  Company made this script, a very simple one.

There are many home based businesses that help to earn huge profits. One such small business you might look for is courier business. The courier business is in great demand today. Are you looking forward to start a small business like courier service then courier business website software can play a vital role. Moving software is developed in Php and Mysql database under highly qualified and experienced staff. It is complete readymade, fully customizable script portal.

 This courier business website software is specially developed for time sensitive courier operations. As a business owner if you are looking for a courier service business, then this software can be of great help for you to establish courier business websites in less time with low pocket investment. It is incorporated software that offers order entry, dispatching, rating, receivables and many more.

Advantages of Moving Software:

·         Front Website

·         Consignment Tracking

·         Quote Management

·         Consignment Management

·         Mobile Responsive

·         SEO Friendly

·         Custom Work Station

·         Security on Guard

·         Custom Work Station

·         Complete Business Solutions

·         No Programming Required

·         Web-based Control Panel

A customer always looking for current status of his parcel and by the old way we can’t give him current view of his parcel but we came up with new idea to provide this kind of facility. Courier software version is very beneficial and helpful software for Business Couriers & Freight Tracking that fulfills the all requirement of the users.  Customer can view the status of their parcel with online status as well as they can also update their shipment status from here. User or clients can easily install on their PC or laptop or can ask to company for this, there is no programming required.

Different type of companies and industries are adopting advance methods of science and technology. No business becomes successful without the interaction of technology and internet. Whenever person search list of script providing companies, a list come in front of that person but he has to choose the best one to get fully success in any type of business.  The business of online parcel booking is increasing rapidly.  Moving software is one of the most old and effective readymade script developed in PHP and MySQL. All the static pages like home, about, contact, features, term and privacy etc. are provided along with this. Watch the full detail @ http://www.movingsoftwares.com/

15 Tips To Start Building Alibaba Clone Script You Always Wanted

With the advancement of internet, information technologies, digital systems, and standards of their interaction, the new way of doing business has evolved. E-business is a unique form of doing business that is executed by implementing information technologies in the process of production, trading, and distribution of goods and services. It is becoming more and more popular for companies to go online in all of the areas of business, including B2B commerce. When we mention B2B, the first thing that comes to mind is e-commerce systems – software and websites, which become tools for purchasing products and goods for businesses via the Internet. Nowadays, B2B e-commerce sites keep gaining popularity.

Using business-to-business e-commerce sites (or b2b portals) is becoming more favorable for B2B e commerce companies. The most important thing for them is to connect with small suppliers. When using business to business e-commerce websites, small businesses have a chance to compete with the larger companies. Alibaba clone script pro is recently launched with some new features. It is developed in Php and Mysql database under highly qualified and experienced staff. It is complete readymade script for those who wish to start their own online ecommerce portal independently.

What are the Amazing features of Alibaba clone script pro that attracts the customers and users:

  • Micro website for sellers: It comes with online sub domain micro website like abc.domainname.com so your seller can get free website and promote it.
  • Security on Guard: with site lock website security scanning, protect your domain registration information. This advice might seem obvious to some but it should not be overlooked.
  • Store Membership: It provides a login for the store/vendor/seller from there he can trade and communicate with other traders.
  • Store pay yearly membership: Once a vendor (store) register it can manage its account for 365 days and get notification for renew before package expire.
  • Unlimited sellers: In this script unlimited number of vendor can register and post their products.
  • Store micro website: This is store micro site. Only seller add his product and seller manage this site. Seller/store/vendor will have their own online store with micro website like abc.yourdomainname.com
  • Supplier and product category: Admin add a suppliers & product category and see all information. Also admin search products.
  • Country Management: admin can add country, edit and remove in this section.
  • Home page Banner Management: Admin manage home page banner in this section easily.
  • Payment Gateway: When seller update his package then his amount show in this page.
  • View all users: Admin see all user and his manage.
  • Inquire about multiple products: Here inquire about multiple products for users. User see all product details and send inquire for this product.
  • SEO Friendly: This script understands the need of SEO and how it is important for the successful business settlement. So SEO facility is provided by this script.
  • Mobile Responsive: As this script is mobile compatible so there is no need of Pc and laptop to access and manage it.
  • Custom Work station: Company do all type of custom modification which start from changing the layouts and goes up to adding or modifying the features.

Watch the full detail @ http://www.alibabaclonescriptpro.com

Your Key to success- Advance Alibaba clone script Pro

Alibaba clone script pro is one of the best PHP B2B Script with complete powerful features required to start B2B Online Portal System where buyers/sellers across worldwide trade. Alibaba clone script pro offers a low-cost, easy-to-use business solution. This script portal empowers buyers-sellers to contact each other instantly with powerful inbuilt functionality.

Alibaba clone script is one of the most powerful PHP B2B Script to run your own online B2B Portal Site. This newly launched Alibaba Script pro can be used to launch your B2B or B2C site on internet. Eagletechnosys created this B2B Script by keeping in mind all the necessary features for Buyers, Sellers & Traders. This Script is more or less very similar to Alibaba.com. This Script can also be customized at any time as per your business needs. Script has been developed by highly qualified and fully experienced staff by using Php and Mysql database.

This can help you and benefit you in many ways if you are planning to start a B2B Portal Site. Whether you want to start a B2B Portal site for your own or your company or for business purposes in anyways it will increase your website traffic, increase business collaboration, Increase Brand name value, Increases Sales, Increase Earnings from Advertisings etc. If you’re an individual you can use our Standard Version B2B Script to start a B2B Portal site. Once launched and the site is live, and with a little bit of online promotion, you will find people, business person and companies are getting registered on your site.

Features of Alibaba clone script Pro:

  • Security on Guard
  • Store Membership
  • Store pay yearly membership
  • Unlimited sellers
  • Store micro website
  • Supplier and product category
  • Country Management
  • Home page Banner Management
  • Payment Gateway
  • View all users
  • Inquire about multiple products
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom Work station

Company builds this B2B Script by keeping in mind all the basic features a Buyer and Seller needs in any B2B Portal Site. It has been also designed the user friendly B2B Layout. Excellent My Account Section for members, wherein members can easily keep track of all their sell leads and buying leads. Easy to contact features members-members, sellers-buyers, buyers-sellers etc. User can create an efficient, trusted web platform to connect small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from all around the world. It is also is extremely flexible so that you can customize according to your needs.

The script is also easy to manage as it comes with a powerful back office application providing full control over the website like structure management, templates, server side forms, detailed statistics to the administrators. This is the best solution if you are looking to run an online B2B trading website. Company integrated many features which you can use and take full advantage of the online B2B portal. There are no programming skills required, once installed you can manage your entire website via the easy-to-use web based admin area anywhere in the world. Watch the full detail @ http://www.alibabaclonescriptpro.com


Want To Start Your Own Online Ecommerce Marketplace script? Try Advance Alibaba Clone Script Pro

As more B2B buyers move online to make their purchases, B2B ecommerce is becoming a top priority for manufacturers and distributors across a wide variety of industries. Companies are taking different approaches to their online selling strategies. Today’s B2B buyers demand the same modern online shopping experiences and ease of use that consumers enjoy. Alibaba clone script pro makes it easy to build those experiences, plus includes the specific tools you need to serve your B2B and wholesale buyers. It all integrates deeply with your existing systems and ecommerce solutions for seamless processing and fulfillment.

Some, for instance, are choosing to sell via online B2B marketplaces, where suppliers can put their products up for sale alongside other manufacturers and brands in order to make their product lines more discoverable to a wider audience. There are definitely downsides to this B2B marketplace approach, however. Many manufacturers and distributors are attracted to the idea of a B2B marketplace because of the visibility it might offer their brand. By selling on an established marketplace, where buyers are already going to look for other products, brands hope to capture new customers. Features of Alibaba clone script pro are given below:

  • Security on Guard: Site lock website security scanning protects your domain registration information. This advice might seem obvious to some but it should not be overlooked.
  • Store Membership: Provide a login for the store/vendor/seller from there he can trade and communicate with other traders.
  • Store pay yearly membership: Once a vendor (store) register it can manage its account for 365 days and get notification for renew before package expire.
  • Unlimited sellers: In Alibaba clone script unlimited number of vendor can register and post their products.
  • Store micro website: It is store micro site. Only seller adds his product and only seller manage this site. Seller/store/vendor will have their own online store with micro website like abc.yourdomain.com
  • Supplier and product category: Admin add a supplier & products category and see all information also admin search products.
  • Country Management: In this script, Admin can add a Country, edit and remove also delete in this section.
  • Home page Banner Management: In Alibaba clone script pro, admin can manage Home Page Banner in this section.
  • Payment Gateway: when seller update his package then his amount show in this page.
  • View all users: Admin can see all user and manage easily.
  • Inquire about multiple products: Inquire about multiple products for users. User see all products details and send inquire for this product.
  • SEO Friendly: Alibaba clone script is highly designed by keeping SEO in mind. It is understand the use and benefit of SEO.
  • Mobile Responsive: New intelligent responsive layout supports mobile device as well as tab, pc, desktop, laptop etc.
  • Custom Work station: It is fully customizable readymade script portal where all type of custom modification which starts from changing the layouts and goes up adding or modifying the features.

Alibaba clone script Pro is recently launched in the market. It is the new version of Alibaba clone script with advance features.  It is fully customizable and user friendly script. User can make their own changes according to their wish and can easily modify the script. Now business runners got the new idea of earning profit and enhance their business in the world freely without more efforts. Watch the full detail @ http://www.alibabaclonescriptpro.com