Start Your Own Successful Online Job Portal With the help of Job Classified Script Portal

Searching for a good job become very easier task due to the advancement of advance technology. Job seeker has to face many difficulties in earlier time but now it becomes very easy task.

A job portal need to provide a fast way to search for jobs & candidate as per the requirement through the online platform, This script provide assistance in venturing your online job portal successfully and grow your business to new scale. It has an experienced PHP and Mysql team to satisfy your job consultancy or recruitment agency online business. You can easily start your own job site through our company Job classified script portal, This package comes with domain registration, web hosting, install job script, develop job site, SEO friendly and provide easy admin back end tool. This online package is best solution for man power Consultancy Company to kick start online job portal easily.

Job classified script portal is an Extensive and Powerful script written in PHP to launch a professional jobs portal. Our jobs script has amazing potential to generate very heavy revenues for you. This job portal script focuses on increasing ease of end-users and increasing your profit (as a site owner). Our job board software will make your website professional, feature packed, fast and convenient for both employers and job seekers. In developing the jobsite software, we have geared ourselves to the most successful Jobsites-Sites on the internet. You can generate real income from your Jobsite script. PHP based job portal script allows users/members to search for jobs and it also allows users to post their resumes.

Effective reason for choosing Job classified script portal:

  • Security features
  • Free update and support
  • Custom work
  • Complete solution
  • SEO ready
  • Fully customizable script
  • Mobile compatible
  • Payment gateway
  • Free server installation
  • Highly secured

Job classified Script portal is inbuilt structured website was developed in PHP and MySQL database. It’s a complete job script for those who want to start a professional job portal website like,, or any such major job portals. It was designed and developed with the following features like control panel for Employer’s and also for Job Seeker’s, email alerts, job search, online resume, payment and membership plans. It is a php web development company that allows you to start a fully automated and comprehensive job site with all the latest features, google adsense and payment gateway. Through jobscript admin back end. You can add unlimited job classifieds, manage categories, email notifications to job seekers & companies, Allow the job seekers to filter the ads through search field based on the requirement. This script is a web product for running powerful and customized job portals. Be it a fresh site that you want to launch or be it for integration into your already existing website, Job classified script portal is everything you need when it comes to job portal development or business networking solution. Watch the full detail about job classified script portal @


Enhance Your Business With Affordable Courier Tracking Software Version 6.0

Courier and logistics companies all need some form of software, in order to operate their business efficiently. A high level of security, efficiency and reliability is required in order to satisfy mission’s critical customer requirements. This is a more powerful version of courier tracking software, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the Internet.

Courier tracking software version 6.0 is suitable for courier business. It’s perfect for couriers to plan working hours so that the orders do not overlap with someone else and keep track of scheduled appointments. It’ll store the information about clients, such as their address, telephone, email and comments. This modern and extremely handy program makes management a real pleasure. Included are two viewing modes, an automatic search option and password protection. Courier tracking software version 6.0 is advanced web-based order-entry, dispatching and real-time tracking systems are the industry leading solution for businesses operating locally, nationally and globally.

The program has a handy interface to calculate and show the “fee charged”, helping you to make decisions quickly. It’s possible to create reminders to alert couriers about the things they should do. Available is an automatic search and auto-field filling for a customer, who has already been entered to the database. You can view the information about payments, daily income for any day at any moment when you need it scheduler. More and more companies are turning to Net Courier to manage every part of their delivery process. Our Courier Systems combine our industry leading online customer portal with powerful, full featured back office courier management systems. From incoming sales, client services and operations, to management and financial reporting.

To win business in this highly competitive market, you need to provide high quality online customer service that differentiates you from competitors. This courier software is highly flexible helping you maintain your competitive edge, but also gives you all the tools need to manage your day to day operations.

  • Mobile compatibility
  • Excellent online customer service and booking portal.
  • End to end order processing data management
  • Comprehensive visual reporting
  • Full financial management tools

The couriers section holds in information of all individuals who are responsible for the delivery services. This includes proper recording of all the jobs performed by them and their personal contact details. Viewing this list makes it easy to find and appoint an individual with a task that that he or she can manage in a given time. The clients section holds in all information about the company’s clients that are catered including phone numbers, addresses and emails. The program also offers the option of capturing photos of the couriers and the clients that can be saved with their profiles. Also the choice of calling directly from the program to the customer’s Skype ID is possible, besides making direct phone calls.

The Reports section holds in all financial information based on daily earnings, including information of who offered the service and at what time. In order to serve as a backup for all the useful information and to facilitate use of the program on other devices, the Courier software is also compatible with devices including Android and Windows Phone. Watch the full demo @

Best Way to Make Successful Business and Earn Profit With The Concept of Multi Vendor Marketplace Script

Whether you are looking to create a marketplace for the first time or already have an existing ecommerce website, Multi vendor marketplace script offers the features and functionality you need for a successful online store. While you are probably familiar with the concept of using an online shopping cart to manage orders and payments online, this extends your website’s capacity and profitability by accommodating multiple vendors with various products to sell. Incorporating multiple sellers on your website is an effective way to expand your product offering and increase profits while limiting any extra work required from you, the site administrator. Give your vendors a place to sell their own products while they handle all shipping and product specifics.

Multi vendor marketplace script is used to build a Multi Vendor Marketplace by allowing every Vendor to sell their Products with a different seller on your ecommerce Store. User can use this product for of business to business and business to customer type’s e-commerce website. Users can start their own e-commerce store like eBay, flipcart, snap deal etc. Each and every seller can see his own report, manage their products. You can enable your own unique B2C marketplace site in very short time. It enables you to start an online store offering vendors to sell their products in it, and you generate the revenue from them as a service fees for using the platform. It allows you to start a full – facilitate e-commerce marketplace.

Attractive features of Multi vendor marketplace script

  • Online Shopping
  • Vendor and User management
  • Advertising support
  • Order management
  • User friendly
  • SEO management
  • Mobile compatible
  • Account and Order management

As the site owner, you control all main website operations within the Multi vendor marketplace Administrator Panel. You can manage sellers, products, payments, affiliates, and buyers while generating reports, sending newsletters and more directly from the backend of your marketplace. Similarly other popular ecommerce website, your merchants can choose to list their products in the marketplace. In this model, payment and transactions transpire between buyers and sellers directly. Sellers pay the marketplace a monthly fee, a usage fee, a transaction fee or combination of these. The main benefit of this model is that you are not in the middle of every transaction. However, you should be aware that if a sale or transaction goes sour, you will have to deal with the situation after it happens which may require some backtracking. Multi vendor marketplace script makes starting your own marketplace enjoyable and hassle-free. After purchasing the virtual marketplace script, you will add your logo, site content, sellers and products directly into the system. This process is very direct and can be accomplished within just a few clicks. If you have your own products you may add them, as well as contact vendors you think will fit well with your marketplace. Make sure you feature products that fit with your site theme and interest your target market. When your site contains enough sellers and products, you may begin marketing your ecommerce website to potential customers. As time goes on, you will be the link between sellers and buyers. Watch the full detail @

Review Your Business Idea With Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

In the digital age, it is important for your business to have an online presence, especially if you want to expand or enter new markets. Customers expect easy, instant access to products and services. The right shopping cart software helps you built a customized website for your company and host an online store. Website shopping carts also accept payments through your company’s website, making business transactions easy for both customers and business owners.

Eagletechnosys evaluated shopping cart software platforms to help you select the best software for your business. While your individual business needs will vary, the best shopping cart software help you expand your business and sell your products. Ecommerce Shopping cart software helps you build a website with a shopping cart and online store builder where you can sell and advertise your products. The software in our shopping cart reviews provides templates for building your website and online store.

You can alter provided or customized templates to design your website to meet your needs. With these templates, you can add products, change text and images, and advertise deals. Some of the best shopping cart software we reviewed have drag-and-drop editors, which allow you to adjust your site by simply placing items where you want them. The best online shopping cart software has options for both novice and advanced users. Security is an important thing to consider when selecting an online shopping cart platform. In this ecommerce shopping cart software security is on high level. Only authorized users can access this easily login/registration process.

Reason for choosing Amazing Ecommerce shopping cart software:

  • Free update and support
  • Custom work
  • High Level Security
  • Complete Solution
  • Fully customizable design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile compatible
  • Quick add product to cart
  • Brand and Banner management
  • No programming required
  • Web based control panel

Cost is another important consideration for your company when selecting the best shopping cart software that only fulfill the business requirements but also available in affordable price. This is complete readymade Ecommerce business portal script developed in Php and Mysql. Users also want to earn more in less efforts and expenses. Its cost is not so much that is not affordable by business user.  All cart software that helps you manage your online catalog provides ways to upload product images and place them on a product page. The product database will indicate the filename of each graphic associated with it. All the static pages like home, about us, contact detail, features, term and privacy are available along this script. There are no programming skill required, once installed you can manage your entire website via the easy to use web based admin area anywhere in the world. In online marketing, a shopping cart is a piece of ecommerce software on a web server that allows visitors to an Internet site to select items for eventual purchase. User can add latest news about the products and company.  Customers can purchase nay item from here and seller can make advertisement of their products. Watch the full detail @


Bring Your Business Portal Online With Amazing Uship Clone Script

A business can survive in the market only if it has the capacity to fulfill the requirements of its customers be it in terms of products or services. So, there is need of effective technology to ensure that your business is going in the right direction. Numbers of companies are available in the market that provides fully customizable readymade script developed in Php and Mysql. Here you will find great introduction with Uship clone script.

Uship clone script is most reliable readymade script portal. It enables the authority to users’ customers that they can track, monitor and analyze the efficiency of the shipments and delivery in real time. It aims at making your deliveries efficient and helps you to serve your customers even better. Uship clone script is an established express courier, freight and logistics service provider managed and driven by a dedicated team of professional’s backend with years of experience in the industry. This script has specially designed a range of services to cater to all user shipping needs both locally and internationally. This service line has been designed keeping in mind better transmit times, greater reliability and cost effectiveness to best suit your customers requirements. Features like international and domestic deliveries, time definite deliveries, online tracking, online booking, cash on delivery shipments, overseas pick up requests etc are available in this script.

Features that make it reliable and lovable script:

  • Expert technical support
  • Complete readymade website
  • User friendly and user management
  • Customer/transporter login
  • Mobile compatible
  • Safe and secure online payment
  • Online booking and tracking
  • Data is 100% protected
  • Payment gateway
  • Smart client technology
  • Fully customizable

Courier business is one such delivery service delivery service business that can be carried out by anyone with no such expertise. There are several individuals who prefer courier services to the normal mail services and with courier services offering various advantages like pick up from location, same day delivery, delivery within hour, delivery to any location etc. the demand for courier services has only risen. Customers can track the shipment by airway bill numbers or consignment number, freight shipments as they progress through uship clone. Customers can book the shipment online. It grants very good opportunity to the user to start their own online courier tracking business portal. As we know price is the main issue while purchasing any script, it is available at very affordable price.


Just a few simple cost effective marketing strategies, a few courier persons and a system to manage the business, you are now to start with a courier service business of your own. Courier business provides a valuable service by delivering important packages, mails to the customer’s desired location. It is different from the ordinary service by its speed, security and tracking system. And with no need of a huge capital; even with the question of how to start a courier business in their minds, every entrepreneur is now looking at the option of starting one of their own or buying an already existing courier service business. Uship clone script is the best answer for the business runner. This script is mobile compatible so there is no need of Pc and laptop to access this script. Check the full detail @



Top 12 Unusual Uses Of Alibaba Clone Script

Have you heard about the latest launched Alibaba clone script? If no there you find the right information about this awesome script. In the market there are many readymade scripts are available but one has to choose the best one. A sector known as B2B ecommerce has emerged as a result of the digital revolution. To begin online platforms, business can sell directly to other companies, as well as share data and pertinent information about products and services easily and quickly. Every company, industries are adopting new techniques for the business growth. Alibaba clone script  is complete readymade, fully customizable, latest template developed by using programming language like Php and Mysql. All the static pages like home, about us, contact us, features etc are available along the script. It is complete based on B2B and B2C marketplace script.  This script has been developed by a team to experience professionals with the motive to provide a stable bug free foundation to your trading portal site.

Features of Alibaba clone scripts that blow your mind:

  • Full support+ Installation: Alibaba clone script comes with 100% easy installation. Company provides script + full support to get this things rolling.
  • Photos, Maps, youtube and social: This script gives full support to Google maps & youtube support. It also built social bookmarking system and photo gallery and video gallery with every product.
  • Power-packed admin panel: this script provide easy and powerful admin panel with lots of customizable parameters.
  • Fully search engine optimized (SEO): company understand the need of seo and how it is helpful for the business growth. It is 100% SEO with flexibility to control SEO data like title, keywords, description etc. for each product and category.
  • Online product6 catalog: seller can create online catalog. Buyers can easily find products via search engines (SEO). It generates lifetime stream of sales leads.
  • Online business directory: It provides online business directory lists business along with their contact information. Search engine to search companies or browse companies by category.
  • Sell offers: Sellers can post items or special offers. Ideal for clearing stocks/ discount sales. This script gives enhance exposure for gold member listing.
  • Buy offers: buyers can post their requirements easily here. Here buyers can get best offers.
  • Mobile compatibility: Mobile compatibility is the most attractive feature of this script. As we know it is mobile compatible then there is no need of Pc and laptop to access and manage this script.
  • Email templates: user have full control over content of all mails they go out of the script. This can be directly managed from the admin panel.
  • Unlimited, multi-level categories: Alibaba clone script supports unlimited categories that can go unlimited levels deep.
  • Google map feature: Google map features make it very attractive, in this way you can track and impress your visitors. Visitors can post comment or send feedback regarding products.

It is based in high level of security. Anyone who is interested in the business of selling and purchasing property online has the great opportunity with this script. At least 400 millions are estimated to be internet users who also spend a large portion of their time in online shopping and ecommerce related activities.  So this business definitely provides great opportunity to earn more profit in e-commerce business. Check the full detail @


Great Chance To Start Your Own Online Real Estate Marketplace Portal With Advance Real Estate Classified Script

Everyone should have to invest into the right business to earn more profits. Number of business started by different people gives both profit and loss, but one should start only that kind of business which gives less loss and more profit. The demand of business of selling and purchasing all type of property online is increasing day to day. In this way this increasing demand grants great opportunity to start your own online real estate marketplace portal. Numbers of readymade scripts are available in the market for starting your own business portal. But one should always choose the best and effective script that gives more features in fewer prices. To overcome this demand Real Estate Classified Script  is more reliable and loveable real estate script.

Real Estate Classified Script  has all the features that a user needs to create a successful, profitable online real estate marketplace portal. Fully customizable and nice looking of this script makes this script more special and attractive. There are number of unbelievable features that are available in this script. This script understands the need of SEO and knows how it is important for your business growth. So that’s way SEO facility is provided in this script. It is user friendly script no more efforts and no technical or programming knowledge required to access and manage this script. If user found any kind of difficulty while installing this script then free server installation service is provided by the company. If any help needed user can ask for help and call anytime company provides 365247 customer support.

Features of Real Estate Classified Script:

  • Security features: This script provide restriction access to your website back office. Every company submission includes the user information and address so if user found something in appropriate or fake he can easily block or report them.
  • Free update and Support: Company provides the facility of six month support and upgrades for the script.
  • Custom work: All type of customizable are available in the script. Custom modification which start from changing the layout and goes to adding or modifying the features.
  • Complete Solution: It is complete readymade marketplace script that provides great facility to settle your own B2B and B2C marketplace portal.
  • Highly Security level: This script is based on high level of security. Only authorized user can access it by simple login and registration process.
  • SEO Ready: It is SEO ready script. So there is no need to worry about running the business portal.
  • Loved by Customers: It is single package with multiple features. All type of demands are fulfill by the script. It is loved by the users.
  • No programming required: There is no need of programming while accessing this. So non technical users can access this script easily.
  • User friendly: It is user friendly script and easy manageable script.
  • Mobile compatible: Mobile compatibility is the most effective feature of this script. There is no need of Pc and laptop to access this script.

This is complete readymade script along with all static pages like home, about us, contact us, Term and Privacy, Features etc. User allows the better facility to the customers to find their desire property to buy, sell, and rent, flat, with minimum effort and time. Interested sellers can contact the buyers if required property matches. In this buyers and sellers both meets their requirements here. Whenever vendor search on search engine according to their requirements, for example vendor search for a land in the desired location he has to type location, then he type land for which purpose such as for resident, for commercial etc. the searched results will be shown to the vendor with full information about the property. Watch full demo @